Thursday, August 15, 2013

Monthly/weekly discussion

hey my lovely followers so if you are subscribed to my YouTube channel you will see that i actually uploaded a video on this post so i will from now on start making a new video monthly or weekly not sure yet called the monthly/weekly discussion so i was like might as well start posting on my blog for my non youtubers :) so here it is.

How would you discipline someone else child while under your supervision??
So if i was watching someone else child i would defiantly not spank them but i would give them the option of calling the parent to come get them or they can go home if they are at an age where they can walk home and if they are in the younger age were they are like dolly (my daughter) i would defiantly under no circumstances hit the child but i would put them in time out and tell them why i got them in trouble and why what they did was wrong. what are your thoughts on this comment down below i will also post my video on this if you would like to see it thanks again and stay tuned for my next discussion and if you have a discussion you would like me to talk about feel free to let me know thank again.