Sunday, September 29, 2013

CBT's Closet

hi my lovely's so today i am going to be sharing with you this adorable laser cut necklace it is well cut and  i just love the font on this necklace but of course they carry many types of fonts and many types of colors they also carry gold chains if you don't like silver and but of course the also make earrings rings and much more and they don't only do custom jewelry they also have pre made jewelry like ice cream cone necklaces barbie necklaces sailor moon lightning earrings skull necklaces crosses and so so much more here is a link to there shop so you can see and they have great prices from $6 and up so go see for yourself 

disclaimer: these are all my opinions and i am not being paid to say or mention any of these products i did however receive these for review purposes

here is also a video i did on this necklace if you would like to view

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